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The Law Office of Scott A. Stein provides representation in all divorce cases, including no-fault divorce.  We are able to represent clients in litigation situations, as well as through alternative forms of resolution known as collaborative law.  We handle various divorce issues  and are committed toward securing resolutions that protect the rights and futures of our clients.

Full range of divorce services

Our firm has extensive experience handling a full range of divorce matters that include:

  • Property division – Property division in Pennsylvania is based upon an equitable distribution of marital property and requires an examination of the circumstances of your particular case.  Marital property is property that was acquired during the course of a marriage and includes assets as well as debts.
  • Child custody – Child custody involves who has physical custody and who can make important decisions affecting the children.  We strive to achieve custody and visitation arrangements suitable to both clients and their children.
  • Child support – Child support in Pennsylvania is determined by statutory guidelines that consider the income of each parent, time spent with the children and other factors.
  • Spousal Support/Alimony/Pendente Lite – Spousal support and APL are forms of support a spouse can receive prior to divorce.  Alimony is a form of support which a spouse can receive following divorce.


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